Nehemiah Records FAQ


Transparency | Equality | Sustainability | Unity | Opportunity
  • We believe in providing opportunities in the arts for “underdog artists” as well as established artists through training and skills development.


  • We produce music that brings social awareness on topics such as sanitation, HIV, Human Rights and unity among divided peoples groups.


  • We are event managers and executors of new media.


  • We build websites for artists.

  • We invest in artists.


  • We publish and release music into the TV and Film industry.


  • We have a studio in Port Au Prince Haiti & are headquartered in Vancouver BC Canada. 


  • We teach workshops in music production.


  • We partner new & emerging artists on collaborative projects with established artists.


  • We provide jobs and training to those living in poverty and come alongside to break the cycle of poverty while creating new opportunities.


  • All of our signed artists are associated with a registered charity of their choice to create awareness for the causes they are most passionate about when they are launching a new EP or performing at a venue/event.


  • Nehemiah Records works with people of all denominations, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or race. We look for the gifts inside of each person regardless of their past mistakes and try to accommodate our artists facing social, geographical and economic barriers.


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