Our Story

Nehemiah Records was created by Steph Limage while she was filming a documentary in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake & providing humanitarian aid. During her adventures, she wound up in the projects of Port Au Prince producing music & providing beats to Haitian artists who were living in tent cities and slums after the earthquake. 


What she discovered was a pool of extremely talented artists who had no way to support themselves, through this need Nehemiah Records was born. Limage relocated to Haiti full time from Vancouver Canada 2011 and began investing in artists.


What we do:

We identify & recruit musical talent in developing countries while providing jobs and training to those on the margins. We accomplish this through our partnership with our parent company Limage Media Group.



The objective :

To alleviate poverty and suffering in disadvantaged areas of the world while giving a voice to the voiceless through their art.


We have created a one-stop-shop for our artists so that they are ready to roll!


This includes but is not limited to:


  • Artist Recruitment

  • Photography

  • Graphic Design

  • Recording/Sound Engineering

  • Video Production

  • Artist Marketing

  • Album Launches & Events

  • Music Publishing

  • Performance Rights

  • Tours

  • Job Creation

  • Human Rights Awareness



We are currently accepting Haitian talent so feel free to drop us an email with your mixtape & story.



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